Promotion Tips

Self-promotion is a very time-consuming, yet essential task. It involves many things including social media and face-to-face communication to show people who you are and to get yourself known. In today’s world using social media is one of the best forms of promotion because it’s free and has the ability to reach many people. The days of using large billboards and TV/radio spots are still around relevant but they cost money and for one individual they aren’t the best route. Using the social media basics such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram can do wonders.

In our quest to help we want to give some tips that have been proven to work. If we all promote together, we will succeed together.

Putting yourself out there

Use that #

Hashtags on your posts draw a lot of attention on social media, and not just Twitter. Try looking up the most popular hashtags for live music and use them for inspiration for your own. Usually, up to seven hashtags are the ticket. Several examples could be #hollywood and #instamusic (for Instagram). Nonetheless, look it up, and do some research.


Text your friends! Personalized messages are an easy step in promoting your shows. Messaging friends and family let them know about the show and now they can let others know when it is happening. Make sure to give plenty of notice so whoever you’ve told will have enough time to plan ahead.

Social Media

Social media

Make a Facebook event and invite everyone you can! Don’t be scared or shy about it. A great thing about Facebook is you can have a personal page, a professional page, and an event page each with different content. This combined with texting and other social media outlets can be a great approach since no one will have the excuse of not knowing when your next show is. Also, having multiple pages shows everyone all your hard work.



If possible, use videos of your shows for people to see. Videos will garner more attention than simple posts since they convey your style more than words. Reach out to someone who is good with a camera and ask if they would be willing to film one of your shows. After that you can start a Youtube channel and have your uploads there. It’s easy and free! Now you can have a post with your video and a link to your channel.

One final tip...

An optional but very beneficial tip is to have a personal website. While having a presence on Facebook and social media is paramount it is generally considered a good idea to have a website as well. One thing to keep in mind is having a website will cost money depending on the route you take. Websites can be made for free but hosting that website will come with a fee. Several options available are Wix and Weebly. Both offer an easy web building experience and they offer hosting options of varying prices to suit everyone’s needs. A great thing about having a website is it shows you’ve spent time and money to provide everyone a glimpse into who you are.

We never said promoting yourself would be easy. Quite the contrary, it will be hard work and it won’t happen overnight. Get started as soon as possible to take advantage of all the options available.