Meet some of the musicians

Townsville Band


An indie rock group with a passion for performing, Townsville captures fun and excitement with captivating riffs, strong choruses and powerful moments in their songs. In person, these three have an offbeat, but down to Earth sense of humor that is expressed in performance by their playful interactions with each other and with the crowd.

While their song topics and styles tend to differ, a Townsville song is always depicted by the ethereal guitars, powerful bass and aggressive drums, all being led by light-hearted and arena-like vocals. Townsville, comprised of Michael Cortez, Mark Ghoprial and Zac Imperial, have a single out called Light Show, with another single on the way, as well as a full album.

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The Gatsby Affair

Formed in 2015, TGA consists of front man guitar player Ron Beem who is currently developing a full length album.

With influences ranging from 80’s power ballads all the way to your favorite mainstream pop banger, Ron prides himself on keeping the live set upbeat, audience on their toes, and the crowd dancing by the latter part of the set.

Within the past 2 years, he’s had the opportunity of playing large events such as the International Motorcycle Show/Long Beach Convention Center, The Temecula Balloon & Wine Festival, and two Stagecoach performances in 2017/2018.

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Band Zuko


After a nomadic childhood spanning cities, suburbs and a farm, Jacob Zuko ended up in Los Angeles again, this time with a guitar in hand. Drawing influences from old school blues players to classic rock songwriters, Zuko creates a sound that is both unique and timeless, with songs about heartbreak, being an outsider and owning your experiences.

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Solo Artist Sean Earl

Sean Earl

Sean Earl is an aspiring folk/americana singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, CA. He writes imagery driven, honest music and hopes to one day live life on the road with his music. He has an upcoming EP titled “Two Years Gone” which will be coming out soon.

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