"I wanted to bring the local music industry back together." - Carly Birker

Behindthebirk Entertainment Podcast

Humble Beginnings

BehindtheBirk started as a podcast in 2016 by Carly Birker. She set out to find Los Angeles talent and share their stories. Her interviewees consisted of musicians, artists, and actors. Show topics included personal successes, failures, and their craft. The show was a success and she loved learning about everyone’s unique stories.

Something that stuck out the most from her musician interviews was the struggles they faced such as finding places to play and connecting with fans. These issues are what caused Carly to consider expanding Behindthebirk into something other than just a podcast. She started to mull over ideas of what she could do to make this happen.

In 2017, she made a breakthrough when she met Jared Saia, owner of The Spotlight Sessions. He became a friend and mentor and was influential in helping Carly come up with her next big idea: BehindtheBirk Entertainment. As with the podcast, Carly would be the heart and soul of the entire operation taking on the responsibility of finding artists and venues to showcase them.

Accomplishing these tasks wouldn’t be easy but with the help of Jared Saia and social media, she knew it was possible and began dedicating many hours to make it a reality. Her first show took place at The Oaks Tavern in Sherman Oaks and afterward she knew this was her new passion. She began dedicating many hours to forging relationships with venues and the many different musical artists she came into contact with. So far with over ten shows under her belt, she has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Carly Birker

The founder

Carly Birker grew up in sunny Studio City, California. She has two older brothers, Daniel, and Christopher who were the earliest musical influences in her life. She graduated from the California State University, Channel Islands with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Minor in Psychology.

Aside from living life to the fullest, she keeps herself busy by being a one-woman operation with Behindthebirk Entertainment. Her passion for helping others has fueled her ability to take on so much responsibility and love every step of the process.

After a long hiatus Carly has brought back her podcast titled BehindtheBirk Sessions. You can check it out here.

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Carly Birker