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Putting talent on the stage is what we do. We're always looking for local musicians to work with.

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We work together with musicians and venues. We'll make sure everything goes smoothly for you.


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Who we are

Every company starts with an idea and BehindtheBirk is no different. In 2016 the Founder, Carly Birker, started a podcast with the intention of finding and sharing local artists’ stories. She was especially touched by the issues her musician guests spoke about and it made her want to do something to help. From there, she decided to expand and with some help from friends founded Behindthebirk Entertainment. This new venture would have one goal in mind: bring talented people and venues together.

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Our Shows

Feel free to browse through some of our prior show posters. We’ve hosted many musicians and we hope to add you to the list.

BehindtheBirk Podcast

Carly has revived her podcast under the new name of BehindtheBirk Sessions. She is uploading them onto her Youtube channel which you can check it out here.

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